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dude lol

your one dumb mother fucker. first i dont have no fucking sister. and second your art on your site fucking blows. dude ive already got a scholarship to a college just because i sent them drawings i did. so why dont you go fucking smoke some fags, you know what ever you call them in europe you bunch of fags. and maybe drink a cup of fucking tea and bitch about how much better america is then you guys are.

Smoke-Tower responds:

man... how you get a scholarship.... for sticks? thats just stupid and you retard i dont motion tween like you think i FBF too i been since that Joey's Story thing i made... and also fuck off and stop making new accounts just to tell me off in reviews... well then and like you said " your site sucks so bad " let me see your site... and also fuck you... in almost every review you send to my BIAs you say shit like " ToughLuck Reviewed My Flash!!111 " no one really cares... he is a normal fucking person he isnt like the most popular guy in the fucking world mate....
and who cares what you think... no one really cares... and plus you say " I Just Got Flash!!11 " well me to mate i got it like 2-3 months ago... and also... your movies suck... and you said shit like " MY BLOOD IS SO BETTER THEN YOURSSS!!!11 " your blood sucks all it is like 3 lines and a little ball in the center and then it looks like a splatter and since when has blood splatered in the ski? like in Call Of Duty like the guy gets a head shot and BAM! its like on the fucking background!

no piss off

alright lets see

im fishtankman58 i left you a review for your brothers in arms movie earlier. if you want to see my movies type in call of duty under search menu and ill show you how blood is made when someone gets shot so youll learn. geeze my second flash and i know how to do blood better then you lol. oh yeah and your response send theyre head wouldnt explode. i didnt say for it to do that i just said your bloods unrealistic when someone gets shot in the head its sprays not just 3 lines

Smoke-Tower responds:


so fuck off because that blood looked so fucking retarded it made your mum jealous!

so fuck off mate
and no your blood isnt so good but go to my site and see my real flash art you dumb cunt!

now you can piss off in your shame while you fuck your sister

-Justin :)


that was pretty fun to watch. but you should definitly should import this movie into flash and make some gun fire and blood effects. other wise everything is fine. i mentioned this in some of your other james bond films is that halo would be a good idea for a flick!

Chris-Aldin responds:

It bwas imported to flash, but our skills with that program/artwork is pretty bad and it would probably just ruin the look of it if we tried adding blood.

I have a different profile Fishtankman58 where i do reviews. this is my flash submitting profile.

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